Endorse Erik Paulsen for City Council

Organizational Endorsements


  • Erik is thoughtful and fair. We need him as we sort out different city issues.
    Jan Verrinder
  • I was proud to be a Finalist with Erik during the 2019 Council Vacancy Appointment. In attending meetings, I have been continually impressed by his thoughtful questions, analysis, and reaching consensus on critical issues in the city. He has my vote!
  • I had the privilege of serving on the Planning Commission under Erik's leadership in 2018. His insightful and inclusive leadership style will serve the City Council and citizens of Vancouver well.
  • Erik is a creative thinker. He is able to look at issues from a variety of perspectives and identify innovative solutions.
    David Leviten
  • Erik is one of those special persons that is smart, energetic, and can provide thoughtful and balanced perspectives on challenging issues. An outstanding leader that makes a difference whenever he gets involved.
    Steve Schulte
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Erik for a number of years. What stands out to me is Erik's consistent desire to work together to achieve results. It's this combination of work ethic and leadership that will bring results!
    Craig Keisling
  • I've known Erik for over 15 years. I have found him to be a thoughtful leader that cares deeply about our community.
    Chris Magana
  • Erik cares very deeply for the success of people and this community. His business acumen and emotional intelligence are well-balanced. The council and citizens will be lucky to have his extraordinary leadership!
    Christina Monks
  • I worked closely with Erik for a number of years, in varying capacities. I have no doubt that he will be an excellent servant and dynamic leader.
    Mike Burke
  • Erik is a great representative of what Vancouver stands for. I have known him close to 40 years and he has always been a person of integrity and compassion. I support him 100%.
    Casey Westby
  • Erik is someone I happily support for city council. Having worked with Erik for many years we didn't always see eye to eye on everything, but he always listened. He considered both sides before making a decision and I always felt heard. Erik actually listened to my point of view and didn't just try to convince me of his. He will make a great city councilor.
    Bryan Wiepert
  • I had the pleasure of working with Erik. He is one of the most intelligent and ethical people I have ever known. I truly wish he held an office in my city.
    Rick Jacobsmeyer
  • Erik’s smart and hard working. I enthusiastically endorse him.
    Tom Rushin
  • I worked with Erik for many years and always respected his honestly and integrity not just in the workplace but but in his daily life. He will be a great addition to the Vancouver City Council.
    Windy Seto
  • I have worked with Erik over a number of years and can attest to his leadership. He considers multiple viewpoints and brings an integrity to his decision making process that I have seen in few others. I wholeheartedly endorse Erik and believe that he will serve as an excellent Councilperson.
    Craig Bartlett
  • Go EP! Erik is smart and extremely capable. He listens to all sides and stands up for what is right.
    Chris Meyer
  • Erik is a tremendous human being. His is trustworthy, honorable and an outstanding leader.
    Jerry Kerr
  • We are fortunate to have an individual of Erik's caliber willing to spend his energy and talents for the betterment of our community. Erik has my whole hearted endorsement for city council.
    Janet Slack
  • The Council would be lucky to have such a decent, honest and ethical individual as a member of their committee.
    Sarah Falkenstein
  • Honesty and Integrity are very uncommon today. Erik has both as well as a commitment to responsible public service.
    Robert Paulsen
  • Erik has the experience and skills to serve with distinction on the council. His background, community involvement, and passion for the well being of people make him top quality.
  • A man of integrity. Diligent, insightful and productive. He definitely has my endorsement.
    Cindy Campbell
  • I had the pleasure of working with Erik a number of years ago and his affable personality and thoughtful leadership made a lasting impression on me. The council will be lucky to have him.
    John Higdon
  • The Abbott family has the honor of knowing Erik and the Paulsen family initially through school events, then as a valued family friend, and now as a skilled community leader. Erik has already served Vancouver well as Chair of the Planning Commission. I know he will take those experiences, and his enthusiasm, to new levels as a returning City Commissioner. Please support Erik. We need his vision.
    Dean Abbott
  • EP4CC!
    Donella Muzik
  • I am endorsing Erik because I believe in his vision for Vancouver, a vision that is inclusive and respectful of all people and shows his great concern for the residents of the community. I have known Erik for many years, and know him to be a creative problem solver, a hard worker, and a compassionate man, qualities that will serve the city council and the people he represents.
    teresa shields
  • Honesty, integrity, thoughtfulness, intelligent, and kind are just a few of the words that describe my husband as a member of this community, a husband and a father.
    Barbara Paulsen
  • I was impressed with Erik while we both served on the Vancouver Planning Commission. He is an insightful, intelligent, yet compassionate person. He will continue to bring these qualities to his position on the City Council.
    Esther Schrader
  • I am honored to have had the privilege of working with Erik during my career. He’s an honest, ethical & compassionate citizen! The people of Vancouver couldn’t be luckier to have Erik representing them on the City Council. I have no doubt he will do great things for the community.
    Alisa Shifflett
  • Erik is an excellent listener, welcomes the opinions of everyone, and believes it is his responsibility as a councilmember to help make sure the city addresses the needs of all populations.
    Marjorie Ledell
  • Erik is a person of integrity, capability and high caliber character. I've known Erik from his youth and he continues to impress me in his experience, leadership and service to our community
    Duane Sich
  • Erik is a class act and family man!
    Darryl Horowitz
  • I have had the pleasure of knowing Erik for many years. Erik is very thoughtful and compassionate. The Vancouver City Council is fortunate to have Erik as a member.
    Mark Carter
  • EP4CC
    Cassie Paulsen
  • Erik is the voice our neighborhoods need on the Vancouver City Council. He has my full support!
    Mary Elkin

Individual Endorsements

  • Dean Abbott
  • Craig Bartlett
  • Donna Bartlett
  • Erik Benner
  • John Blom
  • Mike Burke
  • Jack Burkman
  • Cindy Campbell
  • Mark Carter
  • Leilani Casanova-Brunell
  • Paul Christensen
  • Cheryl Crispin
  • Steve Croasdale
  • Patricia DeVita
  • Michelle Dragoo
  • Mary Elkin
  • Sarah Falkenstein
  • Jeanne Farber
  • Mike Farber
  • Jake Garcia
  • Marianne Giannini
  • Ralph Giannini
  • Linda Glover
  • Bart Hansen
  • Jennifer Hart
  • Kevin Hart
  • Kyle Hidlebaugh
  • John Higdon
  • Tamara Honeycutt
  • Steve Horenstein
  • Darryl Horowitz
  • Noland Hoshino
  • Rick Jacobsmeyer
  • Melissa Karki
  • Elie G. Kassab
  • Craig Keisling
  • Jerry Kerr
  • Laura Tull Kok
  • Brianna Kvam
  • Phil Landesberg
  • Tim Leavitt
  • Marjorie Ledell
  • Temple Lentz
  • David Leviten
  • Michael Lynch
  • Chris Magana
  • Ceci Mains
  • Jim Mains
  • Joe Maldonado
  • Laurie McAllister
  • Marcie McDonald
  • Chris Meyer
  • Peter Michaels
  • Tasha Michaels
  • Joseph Miller
  • Christina Monks
  • Nick Mueller
  • Donella Muzik
  • Cindy Newton
  • Barbara Paulsen
  • Carolyn Paulsen
  • Cassie Paulsen
  • Robert Paulsen
  • Heather Peck
  • Tara Pettersen
  • Royce Pollard
  • Cory Prestrud
  • Lee Rafferty
  • Brad Reitzenstein
  • Alex Ribbens
  • Tom Rushin
  • Esther Schrader
  • Steve Schulte
  • Windy Seto
  • teresa shields
  • Alisa Shifflett
  • Duane Sich
  • Janet Slack
  • Janet Smith
  • Kevin Todd
  • Jan Verrinder
  • John Wambach
  • Dana Webb
  • Shawn Weidmann
  • Ken Werner
  • Casey Westby
  • Bryan Wiepert
  • Holly Williams
  • Craig Wright

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