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City Issues

Economic Development

We need more family wage jobs in Vancouver.

Because of our legacy as a bedroom community to our neighbor to the south, Vancouver suffers from an imbalance in the number of jobs available in our city when compared with the number of people who call Vancouver home. Economic development— recruiting and retaining employers of all sizes— is the key to correcting this imbalance and creating many more family wage jobs in our community.


Wherever you live in the city and however you choose to travel— whether by foot, bike, transit, or automobile— you should be able to reach your destination safely and expediently. The city has established a complete streets policy to support all modes of transportation which, when implemented, will improve mobility for all in our community. Implementation is the key.


As our city has grown the supply of housing has not kept pace. As a result, many in our community are struggling to afford housing for their families— spending far more on housing than they should with little money left at the end of the month for all of the other expenses associated with running a household. Erik was a member of the 2015 Affordable Housing Task Force that made several policy recommendations— including Proposition 1—to address housing affordability. While we have done much to address the supply of housing for those most in need, we need more housing options and solutions for working families who are still feeling pressure from the cost of housing.

Public Safety

Public safety is something that many take for granted until a time of need. Adequate funding for Police and Fire is of paramount importance. In order for a community to thrive— to attract the businesses and citizens that will shape our brighter tomorrow- we must first be safe and secure.


Parks and trails provide areas to recreate, to gather, and to relax. Trees provide shade, shelter, and clean air and water. Our shared public spaces are the places we come together as a community. Investment in and maintenance of our current parks is a high priority and we must continue to add new parks as our city grows so that we continue to have attractive places for our community to gather and for our citizens to recreate.